Electric Water Pump Pools or Basement Flooding 3/4 HP


Brand New Electric Water Pump – 3/4 HP! Die Cast Construction Input Power 370W Rated Horsepower: .82 HP Flow: 150 Liters/Minute Diameter: 2.5 Inches (Outer threads) Also has inner threads RPM: 3450 IP-55 Rated 20 mfd Run Capacitor for extra power Current: 4 Amps Voltage: 110V Frequency: 60HZ

Amazon had a next day option for delivery which I opted on a Wednesday (FedEx). When Thursday came and went I looked into it called about it and it ended up that the only option I really had regardless what Amazon stated was a two day delivery. (Verified that the cost was also the amount for a two day delivery so at least I didn’t pay for a one day delivery charge). So thinking that without question I would get it Friday I thought it’s not that bad (Water still coming in the cellar…) But Friday came and went without delivery called FedEx and the company I bought it from via Amazon. Both of course pointed fingers at each other and I got my pump Monday when all the water was gone and cleaned. So if you have a time sensitive item you want don’t use FedEx and don’t buy it via Amazon.

Electric water pump pools or basement flooding hp11 Electric Water Pump Pools or Basement Flooding 3/4 HP