Jandy VS-FHP2.0 FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump


Jandy VS-FHP2.0 FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump with Controller. Includes both pump and controller with variable speed.

Jandy VS-FHP2.0 FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump with Controller
Variable Speed
Controller with variable speed

I did my research and found that everyone was reporting fast payback on these relatively expensive pumps. The unit arrived quickly in its original box. The instructions were excellent, but the install took much longer than I expected because I had to replumb everything – it would have been nice if they designed the unit to fit with the existing plumbing (this is NOT a job for an amateur). I originally wired it with the external control box (included) because my control box software was not up-to-date. It worked great. I eventually updated the control box software (because I wanted iAquaLink anyway) to allow support for the variable speed pumps – how cool is that – I now have complete control of my pump (e.g. I can run it at lower speed for freeze protect) and I can do it with my iPhone across the Internet! I have been using the unit for about 4 months now. The electrical savings is HUGE. I estimate I am saving at least $100/month. I am now investigating doing the same thing for my waterfall pump. I would have given it 5 stars if the installation was more plug and play.

maybe I am unlucky or maybe there are long term issues with these pumps. I had this pump professionally installed and the first one failed within 4 weeks. Pump just stopped working. I got a brand new replacement via warranty – second pump failed after 6 weeks – same symptoms/issues. Jandy has no explanation on this and I am in process of getting a 3rd via warranty.

UPDATE 2013:

After working with Jandy on warranty repairs we got to a 3rd replacement pump of the VS-FHP2.0 FloPro. Once the 3rd one failed the only thing they would do is replace it with their more “proven” Jandy ePump 1.5HP (model JEP1.5) which actually is/was a more expensive unit at the time. This at the time was the only variable speed pump that had the AO Smith motor. This has worked flawlessly since it was installed. It was a much bigger unit – bigger basket, bigger motor, etc. It does make a “squeal” at start up and shut down. They actually replaced it once because of it, but when the second one did it they said it was normal and offered me a free extended warranty – so I was happy with that.

I see on Jandy’s site they now have the bigger AO Smith motor on this pump. Comparing them, I still like the larger basket/size of the JEP1.5.

Jandy vs fhp flopro variable speed pool pump1 Jandy VS FHP2.0 FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump