Problems of Variable Speed Pool Pump


Variable speed pumps and motors have been satisfying customers nationwide for years now, but there are certain things you should be aware of that can hurt your buying experience. This is important for anyone on the fence about purchasing a pump. I call it the beware list.

Beware of the dreaded poor warranty. Sadly there are hundreds of Google searches a month for variable speed pool pumps with bad warranties. It’s not the warranty itself, but rather the length of the warranty. Most pump warranties are only for one year. And understandably, after shelling out more than a grand just for the pump, you want a guarantee that your product will last. There are ways to prevent this. With Pentair if you buy a combination of three products-such as a pump, filter, and control system-then you can register to have the parts guaranteed for three years. Not only does this extend the life of the warranty, it also takes the guesswork out of synchronizing the equipment.

Beware of high prices for replacement parts. When replacing a part for a variable speed pool pump costs almost as much the pump itself, it can make you wish you had kept your single speed pump. Unfortunately, this problem isn’t totally unavoidable unless your pump runs smoothly forever. Having your pool technician or supplier get the part may yield better results than trying to directly purchase the part from the company. It hasn’t worked in every case, but it’s definitely worth a try before buying another pump.

And last but certainly not least, beware of over-hyped ads. Yes, running your new pump will drastically lower the noise compared to a single or two-speed pump. But no, I can’t say that variable speed pumps are “whisper” quiet or completely silent. How quiet something is a matter of opinion, and it’s usually an opinion in comparison to another specific pump. Expect good results, but don’t be let down if it’s not as whisper-quiet as you thought it would be.

So once again, beware of poor warranties, overhyped ads, and expensive replacement parts. Understanding what to do when you have problems can save you a lot of cash, as well as a lot of frustration. Besides you want to enjoy your variable speed pool pump, not worry about what to do when it malfunctions.

Problems of variable speed pool pump1 Problems of Variable Speed Pool Pump